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Happiness is here, only a step away,
It's flying to you on this Christmas day.
Hold my smiles, joy and love,
And fly with me, I'll show you how.

We wish you the best on this Christmas day,
And feel you so close, even if you're miles away.
We're sending you magic and joy happily
Come to our world, touch the fantasy.

Zora. Aleksandra
Azbelltas Gang
...a touch with fantasy...



Azbelltas Best baby Girl Astrica
(08.09.1996. - 19.11.2008.)
Ugasila se nasa zvezdica...
Our little star has gone...
Moja ljubav i moja srecica, kako sam je zvala.... i sad samo tisina... i bol...
Vole te zauvek tvoje
Zora i Sandra




International Dog Show -CACIB Belgrade

Judge: Per Ivensen

   JCH Azbelltas Holy Night Fantasy Harry Potter - Intermediate class - V1, CAC, R.CACIB

    JCH Azbelltas Hogwarts' Hope Hermiona - Intermediate class - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOS




National Dog Show -CAC Turija


Judge: Karlo Bala



Azbelltas Honey Heart  Mina - Junior class - V1, JB, JBOB, BOB, JBOG, BOG


Handled by Aleksandar Ilic


With this JB title Mina finished her Junior Serbian Champion title



Happy 12th birthday to Astra and Aleksandar and all living A-litter mates!



National dog show - CAC Sombor


Judge: Borivoje Joksimovic


Azbelltas Honey Heart  Mina   won  V1, JB, JBOB, BOB, JBOG, BOG


She is one JB title far from her JCH SRB.




Happy 13th birthday to our Rough Collie girl - Tajana!



Happy 8th birthday to E- litter!



Happy 10th birthday to our Rough Collie girl  Leila!



Happy 1st birthday to H - litter!!!



Happy 6th birthday to F - litter!



National dog show - CAC Kula

After great yesterday's results, we make even better results today!!!

Chinese Cresterd Powderpuff

Judge Biljana Dzigurski.

Once again, in a great competition

CH Vagabond Mali Zmaj Leo at Azbelltas - Open class - won V1, CAC, BOB and BOG


In the same ring, under the same judge, first time showed -

Afghan Hound

Azbelltas Honey Heart Mina
won V1, JB, JBOB, BOB and R.BOG under the judge Biljana

Dzigurski and R.JBIS!!!! under Dejan Gujanicic.



National dog show - CAC Becej

There was a beautiful day, in the park near Tisa river and a beautiful show under the tree shadows. After long time we showed our Chinese- Leo again, and here are the results.

Chinese Cresterd Powderpuff

In a great competition of the foreign Chineses

CH Vagabond Mali Zmaj Leo at Azbelltas - Open class - won V1, CAC, BOB and BOG3 under judge Ibolya Godina from Slovenia.

Afghan Hound

Azbelltas Hogwarts' Hope Hermiona  won V1, JB, JBOB, BOB under judge Evica Misic and BOG3, R.JBOG under Istvan Nagy and Ibolya Godina.

With this title Hermiona finished her SERBIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION TITLE!!!!



Click here for the photos from Indjija and the press report about CAC Kikinda!


International Dog Show - CACIB Indjija

CH Azbelltas Flying Fortress Sven Hannawald  won V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and R.BOG from the Champion class, under judge Borivoje Joksimovic.

Photos soon!



Take a look at the photos from the last weekend shows! Click here!



National dog show - CAC Kikinda

What a great day for our youngsters and also for the Azbelltas webdesign team in Kikinda at the National dog show!!!

We had three competitors in the BIS - German Shepherd - Ursus Nivalda who won V1, CAC, BOB, BOG Owner Ilic-Aleksandar

In the 8. group there was Avax Altobelllo - Altobello Labradors who won PRM, BOB, BOG. Owner: Zoran Jojkic

And finlally  -  the cherry on the top - Azbelltas team's results!

Azbelltas Holy Night Fantasy Harry Potter  - PRM, BOB, BOG!!!

And with this third PRM Harry finished his very first Champion title - JCH SRB!!!!

Azbelltas Hogwarts' Hope Hermiona won PRM, BOS.

She is a candidate for the Junior Champion of Serbia now.

Photos coming soon!!!




There was a quite nice show weekend in Serbia.

On Saturday - 24.05.2008. at the

National dog show - CAC Mol

Judges: Biljana Dzigurski, Karlo Bala

Azbelltas Holy Night Fantasy Harry Potter - Jubior class - PRM, JBOB, JBIS3

Azbelltas Flying Fortress Sven Hannawald - Champion class - CAC, BOB, BOG

Big thanks to Aleksandar Ilic (Vom Haus Migoje German Shepherds Kennel) for the professional handling help!!!

International Dog Show CACIB Subotica - 25.05.2008.

Judge - Antonin Mudra (CZ)

Azbelltas Flying Fortress Sven Hannawald  - Champion class - V1, CAC, R.CACIB



Natioanl Dog Show - CAC Sivac

Our babies had their very first show today! Harry Potter and Hermiona were showed in the Junior classes. And here are the results.

Azbelltas Holy Night Fantasy Harry Potter - Junior class - JB, BOB, BOG3

Azbelltas Hogwarts' Hope Hermiona - JB, BOS, JBOB.

Hermiona also entered the Top 10 Juniors in the Best in Show.

   Together those two youngsters were showed in the Best pair competition, but as the Hounds are not a very popular breed in our country only the visitors were delighted to see them in the ring together, but not the judges.

  We are very sorry that Harry wasn't better placed in the group, but here is simply impossible to get anything with a young Afghan, because the judges ask for a long coat... :( and they can't understand that the 9-months-old puppy can't look like a 5-years-old dog... It is unfair considering that other breeds youngsters are much more adults like... But that is life!

Our friends' Golden Retriever female also had her first show and won JB! Congratulations to Daca and Zeljko and Mihajlo and their girl - Calamity!!!

Click here to see the photos>>> 




International Dog Show - CACIB Odzaci

  Today, at one of the most beautiful dog shows in our country we had a great time, and also the great success!!!!

  Under the judge Janjic dr Dragan our


Azbelltas Flying Fortress Sven Hannawald won CAC, CACIB, BOB, and BOG

and Al Dagistani dr Mahmoud decided to place him on the third place in the final BIS!!!!

Thanks to my mum, Anica, to all my friends, and my great "Azbelltas web" supporting group -  Migoje German Shepherds,, Nollyzor Dobermanns, Cockerland-Springers and Cockers and ODOS Cockers and Dobermans, Pako's Dream Land Airedales and Double-I-Professional photographer!!!!


Click here to see the pics!!!




 Great news from Romania and Bosnia!!!!


Our H babies have just started their show  careers in great style!!!
We are so proud to announce their results!

19.04.2008.  CACIB Satu Mare,  Romania

Judge Mr. Emerich Bogdan (RO)

Azbelltas Hot Hypnose Dares - Junior class -RPJ, Junior BOB


 20.04.2008. CAC Satu Mare, Romania

Judge: Stefan Stefik (SK)

Azbelltas Hot Hypnose Dares - Junior class -RPJ, Junior BOB

Big thaks and congratulations to Andrea and Dan for taking such a wonderful care of our boy and showing him!




The other brother who lives in Banja Luka (BiH) also has been shown for the first time!!!

Azbelltas Hedonist Harmony Konnor- PRM, BOB, R.BOG!!!

Judge: Nenad Davidovic





National Dog Show - CAC Novi Sad

Another show season has started for the Azbelltas Gang!

After almost one year out-of-shows - Int CH Azbelltas Flying Fortress Sven Hannawald has been showed today. Thanks to the judge Petru Muntean from Romania for the great critics!

Sven won V1, CAC, BOB and BOG.


Photos here>>>



We haven't posted any new pic for a long time. In the meantime we were enjoying in great sunny weather during February and not that nice weather during March... My little helper Anica, who loves Affies, and I made a lot of new photos and now it's time to share them with you.

My little three Affies - Harry, Mina and Hermiona regularly play with the kids and here you can find some pics with other kids.

Hope that you are goung to enjopy in their childhood pics just as much we do.

Click here!



Our H babies are 7 months old now and here are some new pics of them.

Click here and visit the new gallery.

Azbelltas Hot Hypnose Dares Azbelltas Hedonist Harmony Konnor

Azbelltas Houghty Highlight Unnar - Zeka

Azbelltas Hurricane Hunter Astral

Azbelltas Hogwarts' Hope Hermiona

Azbelltas Honey Heart Mina

Azbelltas Holy Night Fantasy Harry Potter



After a long time, here are the new pics of our two boys.

Visit their gallery.

Azbelltas Flying Fortress Sven Hannawald Azbelltas Galopin Grand-prix Michael Schumacher


Dear all,

After some problems with the computer, and after all the holidays and some new websites from Azbelltas design, we are finally publishing some new photos of our H trio - Harry Potter, Mina and Hermiona. We hope that you'll enjoy watching them.

Hermiona, Harry and Mina

Come back soon, there will be more.

You can also visit the Labradors' website that I've designed.


Here is dares's new photo gallery. We want to thank to Andrea and Dan for taking a wonderful care of our boy and we are so happy that they love him so much. Andrea says that Dares is not a dog but a real person! Thank you, guys for these photos!

Click on the photo to see the album!




Leave now all your grief and sorrow,
And open your eyes for new tomorrow,
Someone always waits for you,
You know what you need to do.

Open your heart, trust to yourself,
whatever you are - human or elf,
Take your happiness, kiss your destiny,
It will be just like you want it to be.

We wish you happier, brighter, better, healthier, sweeter and softer New 2008. Year, with more good dreams which will come true...


Zelimo vam srecniju, svetliju, bolju, zdraviju, sladju i meksu 2008. godinu, i da ostvarite vise dobrih snova...


Zora, Sandra & Azbelltas Gang



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